Bunniiies Mod APK 1.3.231 (No blur)

Bunniiies Mod APK 1.3.231 (No blur)

July 11, 2022

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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 Puzzle
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No blur
Jul 5, 2022
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Description Bunniiies Mod APK 1.3.231 (No blur)

If you love bunnies, you should download and play the Bunniiies game now. This superb game by Zero-One offers the pleasure of having a rabbit near you.

Of course, there is no beautiful job than being a bunny breeder. The amazing creatures are so cute to watch and to hold. In the Bunniiies app, you become a breeder who trains the bunnies to win races, take part in beauty contests and participate in video game competitions. As the bunnies grow, add more weight, and become weak you can sell them off to acquire more coins. With the coins, you can buy more energetic and healthy bunnies.

The game comes in two main versions; the adult and kid’s versions. The adult version has more perversive yet entertaining scenes like when the rabbits are mating and instantly reproduces! You can collect as many bunnies as you want on your farm. Download the Bunniiies game now and enjoy the fun of making your breed of rabbits to expand your farm.

Breed Legendary Rabbit Species

With this adorable game, you can create a vast farm full of bunnies. You will enjoy watching your bunnies live with exciting animations. In this game, the primary goal is to rear as many bunnies a possible and combine different types of breeds to create new species. In addition, you will have to train your rabbits to compete in various contests and events.

The game setting is on a farm which you need to develop by keeping as many as a thousand different types of rabbits. To increase the rabbit population on your farm, you should have them mate and reproduce as many times as they can. For instance, you can mate a yellow and a blue bunny to create a cute green little bunny! You can sell off the newly born bunnies to collect lots of money, which you can use to buy more mature bunnies and other items like candy and carrots. Download the Bunniiies app today and create an extraordinary rabbit farm. Watch out for zombies, owls, and foxes, who love eating bunnies!

Apart from owning and training lovely bunnies in the game, there are more features that will make you download the Bunniiies Game now. Here are some of them.

Create and Run a Pretty Rabbit Farm – in this game, you can create your own rabbit farm. Managing the farm provided an exciting yet challenging experience. You need to feed the bunnies, train them to perform various tasks, and ensure they mate and create more bunnies. If you create as many bunnies as possible, you will be able to expand your rabbit farm. Actually, this forms the basic function of the gamer as a farm manager.

Gaming Modes – the game comes with a version for children and another for adults. Notably, you are required to select the preferred game mode when launching the game for the first time. The children’s version offers a naive and innocent setting of the game where you can simply drag a rabbit over another to form a little bunny. In the adult version, the mating action is more candid, short but intense. You know what to do if you don’t want your child to be exposed to such game content!

Thrilling Missions and Contests – without a doubt, the Bunniiies game presents various missions and contests. Your main goal is to breed and multiply the bunnies to a thousand different species at each level. In addition, you need to feed and take care of them regularly. What’s interesting is that you can train them and use them in various competitions such as races. You should always avoid the daunting experience of your bunnies being eaten by predators. In another level of the game, the gamer will have to go to the lab and use some sort of a mutation machine in form of a giant tube. Here, you will be able to change the characters of your bunnies with the creation of your new crossbreed.

Android Compatibility – gamers can comfortably download and play the Bunniiies game on their android devices. The application is available on the Google Play Store and is compatible with any Android device that runs on Android OS 5.0 version or higher. With over 100,000 downloads now, you can bet that this is an interesting game that is worth your time. Download the Bunniiies game on your android device now – it only requires 92M of the available storage space.

Exciting Shopping Sprees – to acquire more bunnies or feed the existing ones with candies and other sweet items, you need to go to the Bunniiies App shop. After buying a new bunny, the delivery will shock you! The delivery comes as a balloon carriage unit that drops from the skies! To make more money for the shopping sprees, you need to win competitions, sell weekly and newborn bunnies and collect the coins that pop up on any location of the farm during gameplay. You can check on any updated items and take advantage of new products for your bunnies every month.

Download The Bunniiies Mod APK Latest Version – No Blur

With the latest Bunniiies Mod APK, you get access to unlimited money and updated items for your bunny shopping spree. The Bunniiies Mod APK Latest Version is compatible with any Android device!

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